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About us

Kunsthandel Mehringer was founded in 1970 by Alf Mehringer in Munich.
Right from the beginning, the major area of interest and specialization was sculpture.
Over the years it expanded owing to the fascination exerted by the paintings of ancient masters. The main objective of Kunsthandel Mehringer has always been the intense research, exhibition, restoration and valorisation activity of the art works dealt with, as well as constant dialogue with scholars, museum curators, collectors and institutions of the art history sector. All the time, the sales activity has manly addressed the museum business, but also private collectors. The early presence of the Mehringer family at the Kunst- und Antiquitätenmesse in Munich, the oldest art fair in Germany and one of the most important fairs of ancient art in the post-war period, marked the beginning of constant exhibition activity which has been ongoing for over forty years. Since the very beginning of the 90s, the participation at important international exhibitions has become more intense – starting with the invitation to show works of art in Maastricht, for the first time in 1989, and the presence at the Kunstmesse Orangerie in Berlin in 1990.
In 1995, Alf Mehringer was officially adjoined by his son Sascha Mehringer, who extended his father’s fields of interest, owing to his profound knowledge and passion for Italian art, painting and sculpture, from the Middle Ages to the Baroque.
Presence at TEFAF Maastricht has been continual since 2001, since 2016 also TEFAF New York and since 2015 BIAF Biennale Internazionale di Antiquariato in Florence.
From 2006–2015 they took part of the Highlights Internationale Kunstmesse in Munich.

In 1999 Sascha Mehringer started a regular cooperation with the Benappi family which today runs galleries in Turin and London. Since the TEFAF edition in 2012, Mehringer/Benappi have been participating together at the most important fairs of ancient art at international level.

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